Mitsubishi Performance

Did you see the new Mitsubishi Mirage in LaGrange? What about the Mitsubishi Outlander? Amazing cars arent they?

When it comes to the performance and efficiency of their vehicles, nothing beats the cars designed and made by Mitsubishi. For decades, this Japanese giant has been coming-up with superior performance cars, that make the previous models look ancient. There may have been less than a few months difference between each model, but each new car brought with it features that were completely...continue reading

The 2019 Mirage LE is everything you expect it to be and much more


The Mitsubishi Mirage was first introduced in 1978. The Japanese manufacturer discontinued the model after 2003, later reintroducing it in 2012. Over the years, the subcompact has become the preferred choice of budget-minded buyers. The 2019 Mirage is a part of the fifth generation of Mitsubishis lineup. Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the most affordable cars on the market today. Affordability, however, is not the only reason why buyers are...continue reading

The 2019 Outlander LE has arrived to steal hearts